Post Lockdown - What to expect

SUNDAY 9.30am from 2nd Aug
WEDNESDAY 10am from 5th August

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We have done everything we can to make it safe for you to join us in worship. We understand you may be feeling anxious and although we are not able to shake your hand, we can still smile to greet you warmly. Please bring as little as possible with you.


Entering the Church

Doors will open 15 minutes before the Service begins – please use the hand sanitizer in the porch.

To comply with Contact Tracing the Greeter will ask for your name and telephone number. These details will be kept securely for 21 days and only looked at if we are informed of a positive result by anyone present. Do not shake hands in greeting.

For your weekly gifts a Collection bowl will be placed at the back of the Church.

Seating will be marked in ones or twos in the pews at social distancing. Please understand there is no normal freedom to choose your favourite seat - fill in from the front first. Please remain in your seat throughout the Service.

The Service

You will find the Order of Service either on the big screen or printed on a single use sheet.

Hymns will be played but singing is not permitted. Organ music will be used during the Service.

The Peace is said and shared visually with others.

During Communion only bread will be distributed. The Priest may wear a mask and will wash and sanitize their hands before distribution. The words 'the body of Christ' are said beforehand with everyone responding. before the bread is brought to you at your seat, in silence.

The doors will remain open for ventilation so you may find it cooler than usual.

After the Service

After the Service please leave quickly and quietly, beginning with the back rows first, taking any paperwork home with you. Maintain social distancing when chatting with others outside the Church and please do not block the doorway.


If you need to use the outside toilet – please follow the rules for sanitizing hands and surfaces.